Creation of the “Cité de l'Orgue” project very quickly mobilised various specialists, who have offered their professional knowledge and passion for the organ.
This group is growing as the project takes shape in the details of its many intersecting aspects.

Here is the committee which is developing the project of “Cité de l'Orgue” of Plaisance du Gers

Daniel Birouste
Bertrand Lazerme
Daniel BİROUSTE, Master Organ-builder,
Bertrand LAZERME Organist and cultural promoter,

who have among their assets the fact of having from 1982 imagined and put into practice the broadest cultural development programme in a rural setting (the “French Ministry of Culture Organ Locomotive Programme”). For the Ars Organorum Association, they organised more than 350 concerts, as well as residencies for the Flourishing Arts of William Christie, the Clement Janequin Ensemble of Dominique Visse, the Sagittarius Ensemble of Michel Laplenie, composers Jean-Louis Florentz (who wrote 'Laudes' specifically for the organ of Plaisance) and Jacques Lenot; all residencies supported by Ars Organorum and ADDA 32. They were also the creators of the memorable programme of Johann Sebastian Bach's complete organ works, given in 1990, the first complete programme in France of Johann Sebastian Bach's organ works, played within one week at 18 concerts, with introductions by musicologist Gilles Cantagret and perfomances by the well-known organists Jean Boyer, Michel Chapuis and their best pupils of the time.

Mickaël Fourcade
Mickaël FOURCADE, Organ-builder and inventor of the Sensory Organ.

A native of Plaisance du Gers, he soon began to spend time at the Organ-Builders workshop and started to play the organ. After his secondary school, he became fascinated by the technology of sound production, and started learning the trade of organ-building under Daniel Birouste's supervision, as well as improvisation in jazz and classical music.
Through his brother, a specialist in education, Mickael Fourcade was sensitised early on to the need for everyone to have access to music, particularly for those with special needs.

Daniel OGIER
Daniel OGIER, painter, costume designer and set designer,

Who fulfils commissions for productions of baroque operas, and for the installation of large exhibitions and museographic spaces.
He returns frequently to Plaisance du Gers, where he created the painted shutters for the church organ, and some of the stained glass windows of the parish church.
Daniel Ogier has been working on the spatial planning of the 'Cité de l'Orgue' project to be built inside the Cassagnac Mill. Emmanuel Guibert, the cartoon artist, Grand Prix 2020 at the Angoulême Festival, is working with him on the creative design of “Cité de l'Orgue”

Michel THARAN, architect

who knows Plaisance du Gers well, having led several projects as a member of the Council for Architecture, Urbanism and the Environment of the Gers Department.
Michel Tharan is an emeritus professor at the Clermont-Ferrand School of Architecture, and consulting architect for local heritage. He is currently President of the National Association, 'Construction of National Heritage'. The idea of “Cité de l'Orgue” has also been enriched by conversations with the architect, Pierre Fernandez, Director of the Toulouse School of Architecture

Michel BOURCIER, orenowned international concert organist,

also Professor at the Conservatory of Nantes, orchestra conductor, musicologist and founder member of the Jean-Louis Florentz Association, has agreed to be the President of the Educational Committee of “Cité de l'Orgue” of Plaisance du Gers.
He is assisted particularly in this sphere by organists Marc Chiron of Toulouse and Simon Prunet-Foch of Strasbourg.

Cédric GOVAERE, historian, teacher and professor of history (European section, English).

Cedric Govaere – recruited in September 2014 by the Academic Group for Artistic Education and Cultural Action (DAAC) of the Academy of Creteil, he is also a support teacher with the Muse en Circuit, the National Centre for Musical Composition, particularly focused on the development of electro-acoustic music and new musical technologies.

Gaël Obert
Gaël Obert, Technical Management Consultant

After studying electronic and digital systems, Gaël Obert expanded his skills into cinematic management. Inspired by the “Cité de l'Orgue” project, he is contributing his knowledge and creativity to developing an upgradeable technical management system.